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In the book Grey Ocean Strategy, Agewise Marketing for the Mature Consumer,
these video’s are used to illustrate the storyline.
Do have fun looking at them.

100 year old keeps sharp playing Nintendo DS

How an about 100 year old keeps sharp by playing the Nintemdo DS.

Albert Heijn - 8 jaar meneer van Dalen

Humanizing the brand. An important marketingcommunication strategy to reach the mature consumer. Have a look at how Mr. van Dalen has been humanizing the brand Albert Heijn.

Bay Audiology

When creating value propositions for products like hearing aids or painkillers, the focus should not be on the problem that will be solved but on how using the product will enhance the consumer’s quality of life. Have a look at how Bay Audiology did so in Australia.

Dove ”Pro Age” campain

Authenticity was a key element of Dove’s “Pro-Age” campaign. Based on the age-affirmative strategy, women in their fifties and sixties were featured rather than professional models.

Enjoy Life, Enjoy Bertolli (Bertolli advert)

A good example of the soft spot Connectivity, though not primarily targeted at the mature consumer, is the Bertolli campaign in which people of all generations share a memorable experience.

Frank Sinatra Michelob Commercial (1988)

 It is worthwhile to consider using music in the commercial to touch the right senses of the mature consumer. Just have a look at to what Michelob did with music back in 1988.


Grandma first flying

If you want to know more about what a life event can do for the cognitive age, have a look at An and Ria, having their first flight.

Help the Aged

When developing a Grey Ocean Strategy, we also need to seriously consider the other age dimensions. This ties in with the British organization Help the Aged’s “See me” campaign from the late 1990s, in which an ‘old’ woman urges people to see past her chronological age and to consider other dimensions of aging.

KFC – Love is forever

Advertisements do not have to be expressly aimed at mature consumers. However, their existence must be acknowledged while showing energy values like in this advertisement for Kentucky Fried Chicken from Ogilvy in South Africa:

Leonard Nimoy in Commercial for Aleve

If a celebrity explains in an authentic, genuine way what the added value of the product is and the relevance to him or her, the mature consumer will perceive it as an honest message. A nice example is the American actor Leonard Nimoy.

The New Kid - McDonald's Commercial

One of the older campaigns of MacDonalds is a good example of a campaign with a positive outlook on life that involves several generations. It shows a new experience and combines the younger and the older generation.

United Breaks Guitars

It has become very easy for consumers to express themselves. Using expressive media such as YouTube and Facebook, consumers can share their experiences and let others know what is happening in their lives. Other consumers will be influenced by their opinions and experiences. Delivering a poor customer service can have a tremendous impact when consumers use these media to share their experiences. In 2009, United Airlines was one of first companies confronted with enormous negative publicity due to a customer putting a bad experience on YouTube with the video “United breaks guitar”.

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